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Нашел и откуда я его утащил.

Commandos enjoy fin-tastic voyage on HMS Sceptre

23 November 2009
THESE chaps are Royal Marines – men of 539 Assault Squadron to be precise.
Their steed is Her Majesty’s Submarine Sceptre.
The two joined forces off the South Coast to practise one of the ‘darker arts’ of submarine warfare: stealthy insertion.
It’s something the Silent Service has done pretty much since its inception – but not necessarily like this.
The Royals arrived by RAF Hercules, parachuting out of the transport aircraft and landing in the briny, where the very last of Britain’s Swiftsure boats was waiting for them.
The weather was suitably calm for the green berets from Turnchapel to carry out that rarest of manoeuvres – a ‘fin top recovery’, which involves the commandos occupying the fin with the boat dived (hence the photograph...).
Such exercises are heavily reliant on joint co-operation (aside from 539, Sceptre and the RAF, FOST Submarines were very much involved) as well as the British weather.
Thankfully, everything clicked into place for two days of top-notch training which proved extremely useful for deeps and commandos alike.
“This type of valuable training is something that we do not get to do that often,” said Sceptre’s CO Cdr Steve Waller.
“For some, it’s easy to forget how potent and versatile an SSN can be. It’s important that we practise the wide range of skills and abilities that we can bring to the battle.”
Sceptre has spent much of 2009 in UK waters on work-up (which saw her target HMS Daring), as well as conducting weapons testing and calibration trials, but has now headed off for six months on a ‘rest of the world’ (ROW) deployment.
The oldest active warship in Britain’s arsenal, the hunter-killer is due to pay off towards the end of 2010, by which time she’ll have served her nation for 32 years.
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    Да, фото маленькое, да, надо приглядываться чтобы понять что именно на нем происходит. Но оно того стоит.;) Отсюда.

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